portfolio Designs

How to Create a Winning Portfolio

Key Points: Quantity in portfolio is not that important. Focus on quality. The ideal format for the portfolio is a PDF file. Add links, images, graphics, etc. Before sending your portfolio to clients, send this to a few trusted friends…

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Comparison of cms 2022: what to choose?

Currently, more than 65 million active websites use a content management system, abbreviated as CMS (Content Management System). With a CMS, users can build websites of all kinds – storefronts, e-commerce sites, blogs – and manage their content without having to…

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Business project

What is a strategic business area? (DAS)

A strategic business area (often abbreviated as DAS, from the English “strategic business unit) is a term used to describe an entity or unit managed independently within a large company. These strategic business units often have their own vision, mission, and…

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