Why use Hubspot for your CRM (7 reasons)

If you’re looking for software that can support your company’s marketing and sales efforts, you’ve probably looked at the top CRMs (customer relationship management tools) out there and heard of HubSpot. .

There are plenty of great software options out there, but if you’re looking for an effective CRM that brings together a content management system (CMS), marketing, sales, and service hub in one ecosystem, then HubSpot’s crm platform may be the tool you’ve been dreaming of.

HubSpot, a brand often associated with Inbound Marketing, defines itself as a “business growth management solution”, or more simply, a customer service and customer/contact relationship (CRM) management tool. It not only manages your contacts, but also your sales, your pipeline, your digital marketing and your lead nurturing.

HubSpot’s CRM is actually free and comes with a selection of tools including a chatbot , dynamic lists, forms for lead capture, and email marketing.

But for your platform to be complete, you will have to associate the other Hubs (Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Services Hub and CMS), which are chargeable.

To convince you that HubSpot’s CMR solution is an excellent choice for the development of your business, we have compiled seven essential reasons.

1- ?Enlightened decision-making based on customer data

One of the best reasons to invest in a tool like HubSpot is its ability to identify users and track their activity throughout the sales pipeline, on your digital and offline platforms (website, apps, phone calls, social media, email, etc.).

HubSpot uses customer IDs and IP addresses to collect and analyze information about your leads, prospects, and customers, giving you everything you need to complete the sale of your product or service, provide a shopping experience optimal or retain customers.

HubSpot offers this insight through a simple dashboard and customizable reports hosted on a central platform. The tool also lets you automate and plan all of your communication, based on your lead, prospect, and customer data, giving your marketing and sales teams time to spend on tasks that need a more human touch. .

When a lead, prospect, or customer searches for something specific on your website, is about to convert, or views a particular page or content, your teams are notified in real time.

2- ?Ability to monitor and analyze your performance

A nice perk of HubSpot’s connected ecosystem is the “HubSpot Reports” tool. From this single instrument, you can create standardized reports with provided templates, customize reports to your needs, and even use automation features when you want Hubsport Reports to create and send reports.

With HubSpot, you’ll be able to get and track massive amounts of data related to your marketing strategy, sales, and content management system, and get in-depth analytics reports on the performance of your landing pages, blog, your emails, each page of your website, etc.

On your dashboard, you will be able to observe an overview of your business operations at all times and keep an eye on your key performance indicators.

3- ?Ease of use

It often happens that companies who acquire a CRM solution are disappointed by the difficulty of using this or that software, and sometimes the learning curve is so steep that most employees cannot even use the new tool.

One of the big strengths of HubSpot is that this solution does not require complicated settings to be adjusted every two weeks, nor is it necessary to perform a succession of complex steps to achieve a single action.

Additionally, Hubsport offers a huge library of resources and educational content to help its customers better understand how the platform works.

4- ?Automation of customer-centric tasks

We mentioned automation earlier in this article, but this aspect of pioneering branding in inbound marketing is worth elaborating on, it’s so important.

HubSpot was designed with automation in mind, both for marketing, sales, and customer service teams. Whenever new information arises about a lead or customer, the solution is smart enough to update its own record without you needing to lift a finger.

This means that you will continually grow a base of information without ever having to manually enter data.

Concretely, it will make your life easier. Whether it’s setting up workflows, sales sequences, emails, or any other way you choose to communicate with your customers and prospects, the data aggregated by Hubpsot lets you automate all these tasks.

You can create an automated workflow to provide certain prospects with specific emails at particular times, or after certain specific interactions or actions, such as downloading a PDF or white paper.

You will even be able to share personalized content based on your leads’ interests, position and industry.

When you’re tracking and managing a list of prospects, an automated sales sequence that triggers after reading a blog post or email is an innovative solution, especially if your business isn’t used to it. type of tools.

HubSpot can also provide personalized service to your website visitors through an automated chatbot that can chat directly with each user.

This type of automation will save you time and money.

5- ?Integration into your technological environment

A wickedly effective software suite that can automate customer conversations, display and demonstrate ROI every day, and is additionally easy to use is great, as long as it integrates with the technology that you need to use in other areas of your business.

The good news about HubSpot is that it houses all the software and tools businesses need on one platform. You will therefore no longer need to log on to various applications, software and websites every morning.

HubSpot is a global business solution that houses a CRM, a CMS (Content Management System), a marketing hub (with landing pages, email, forms, workflows, etc.) a sales hub (with management of multiple sales pipelines, integrated calendars, automated tasks, etc.) and a service hub on a centralized platform (centralized inbox, automated surveys, automated ticketing, etc.).

And even if you still want to use another software, HubSpot crm can still integrate with popular platforms like WordPress, Magento, Slack, Shopify, etc.

But the strength of HubSpot is that you don’t need anything else to run your business successfully: it’s an all-in-one solution.

6- ?The solution adapted to SMEs

One of the questions you need to ask yourself about Hubspot crm is its price.

It’s one of the most affordable solutions on the market because it adapts to your business.

Remember that Hubspot crm is free, but in reality it only gives its full potential when accompanied by the brand’s various “Hubs” (Marketing, Sales, Services, CMS) which all together form a complete Hubspot solution, but which are them paying.

The cost of the solution is proportional to the size of your company, which means that you will have access to the same functionalities whether you are an SME or a large organization.

Most of the pricing offered by HubSpot crm depends on the number of users who need access to the platform within your company, as well as the number of contacts registered in your CRM.

This means that smaller businesses pay less, but will still have access to all the features they need to manage their contact database.

7- ?Excellent technical support

If by any chance there is something you don’t understand, even after reading all their documentation and online resources, the brand’s technical support teams are easily reachable, provided you have a Starter, Pro, or Business.

You can request support via email and chat with all listed subscription types.

The phone call is reserved for packages for pros and companies.


Choosing a CRM for your business is an important decision, but if you think the 7 reasons detailed below are essential, then Hubspot crm is an option that should catch your attention.

Take the temperature with HubSpot’s free CRM, without risking your business.

You will then surely be tempted to go further by integrating the different Hubs of the platform.

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