How Freelancers Can Benefit From Community Participation

As freelancers, you’re unlikely to end up chatting much with colleagues. Company gossip may not be relevant to your position, which is probably a good thing. 

On the flip side, it can get isolating, unless you try to involve yourself in a community.

Ever wondered how some of those famous LinkedIn freelance bosses make it big? A community is a significant part of their success stories. With the growth of the creator economy and the explosion in great opportunities for freelancers, it’s more important than ever to build supportive communities. 

So how can community engagement help you? Besides, of course, getting you many social media followers (seriously, don’t do this just for followers).

A place to learn and upskill

You can get top tips to do things more efficiently from communities. I learn a lot from the events I participate in, and I’ve also heard great tips being shared at community meetups.

Even places like Reddit for copywriting, marketing, etc., end up being a goldmine. Not to forget LinkedIn, of course.

You can find out what skills to acquire, shortcuts to be more effective, ways to impress clients, and more.

Exposure to opportunities

We’ve all heard the benefits of networking, and what can I say- a lot of it is true! 

There are social media groups where brands try to find freelancers or super busy freelancers pass on work to others. Becoming a known face in these places can help you immensely.

The trick is to contribute to the community as much as you derive benefits from it. Altruism is a core part of making a community work for you.

Emotional and Mental Support

This is the best part of belonging to a community – someone is always there to reassure you. Whatever you feel, you’ll find that you’re not alone. A community reminds you that we humans are social animals and that there are many good people out in the world.

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