Klaviyo: presentation of the email marketing tool

When a prospect visits your website and walks away without buying anything, you’ve lost a sale. But, if you have the possibility to follow its surfing behavior and all its activities on your website, you can relaunch it by sending a personalized email containing relevant information or a tempting promotion. The same goes for abandoned baskets. Tracking is the key.

With email marketing software , also known as ESP (Email Service Provider), you have the power to capture this valuable information and run hyper targeted email campaigns.

Currently, there are many such tools on the market. However, the Klaviyo solution stands out because it can integrate with any e-commerce platform and provide much more than just messaging services.

Klaviyo, what is it?

Klaviyo is an American cloud-based company that has developed an email marketing tool specifically designed for the e-commerce industry. This solution promises a personalized email experience for each of your customers.

Klaviyo is an easy-to-use tool capable of extracting data from e-commerce platforms, point-of-sale, and other marketing software. It can create 360-degree customer profiles from analysis of customer and prospect navigation data on your website and email message tracking. Then, Klaviyo’s powerful segmentation tool allows businesses that use it to deliver the right message to the right buyers at the right time, based on what they’re looking at in your online store or in your emails.

Klaviyo also includes custom fields of activity, easy-to-use email templates that work with a drag-and-drop action, ROI-based reports to make better decisions about your campaigns, and integrations that can be done with just a few clicks. with all your current tools and platforms. For example, Klaviyo can integrate with Shopify very effectively or boost your performance with Facebook Custom Audiences.

As you can see, the Klaviyo email marketing tool can give a big boost to e-merchants who want to give their customers what they are looking for.

Tools and features that will promote your brand

Klaviyo is a top-notch solution for e-commerce, here’s why.

The segmentation power of this tool can combine transactional and behavioral data in real time. This will allow your marketing teams to send relevant and targeted emails and use existing segments for Facebook ad campaigns, for example.

This system easily integrates with the largest e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. The open API allows your developer to customize the integration effortlessly.

With the web-tracking functions offered by Klaviyo, it’s as if a virtual seller was following your customer to every corner of your online store. You can send relevant and targeted messages to groups or individuals based on their activities.

Transactional reporting features will allow you to see precisely the performance and ROI of each of your campaigns, giving you the opportunity to vary your strategies and make better business decisions.

Finally, the email editing tool will allow your marketing teams to compose “what you see is what you get” type messages thanks to an intuitive interface that shows the desired end result on your computer screen. while composing your emails. The drag and drop feature makes this editing tool super easy to use and the creation process childish.

Here is to summarize some of the main features and functionality offered by Klaviyo:

  • Powerful segmentation capability
  • Easily integrates with Facebook
  • ROI-based reporting function
  • Pre-defined auto-response tools
  • Website tracking
  • Product recommendations
  • Responsive email templates

Now let’s take a concrete look at what Klaviyo can bring to your brand with this array of features.

Six ways to grow your brand with Klaviyo

It is by implementing highly targeted, constantly monitored and optimized marketing strategies that your company will succeed in developing its brand.

Let’s see how Klaviyo can be the right tool to achieve your ends through six concrete examples:

1-? Create powerful brand awareness

The creation and launch of welcome, follow-up and personalized emails campaigns will have the effect of generating instant brand recognition. Thanks to Klaviyo, you will be able to automate your welcome or post-purchase email flows and keep your customers informed of upcoming promotions, new product launches, special offers, etc.

2-? Increase your customer base through segmentation

“Smart Send” is one of the features that really makes Klaviyo a special tool. For example, you can use it by sending a promotional message for a flash sale to a group while avoiding annoying customers who have already made an identical purchase at full price. With Klaviyo, no more sending blind emails, because this marketing solution gives you enormous control over the segmentation of your customer list.

3-? Provide a better brand experience with Klaviyo’s integration capabilities

Klaviyo easily integrates with all types of platforms, including enterprise platforms. Predefined email feeds will help your teams reduce the time it takes to implement new campaigns, and the internet users who come to your sales site will enjoy a seamless shopping experience, whether on devices. mobile or others.

4-? Take advantage of customer data

You will be able to increase customer engagement by automatically sending follow-up emails based on the actions performed.

5-? Increase brand loyalty

Klaviyo gives you the ability to create a cohesive brand design using their template library, and thereby optimize brand recognition. Your audience will be more receptive, and you will see fewer customers unsubscribing.

6-? Expand your reach with Facebook integration

Promote your brand on Facebook and reach new audiences you can’t reach by email. Klaviyo allows you to combine traditional email marketing with Facebook’s Custom and Similar Audiences. You will be surprised how many of your inactive prospects will rediscover your brand and come forward as potential customers again.

Email marketing encourages long-term loyalty

Segmented email marketing remains a proven method for establishing direct and consistent contact between a brand and its customer base. Klaviyo allows brands to integrate their marketing across multiple communication channels.

Ongoing interaction using targeted email campaigns over several months builds loyalty through a familiarization effect. By personalizing your campaigns using dynamic data to send the right solution or product at the right time, customers remain receptive to your brand and your offers.

Klaviyo tariffs

Now that you know why Klaviyo is such a popular tool for businesses, let’s take a look at the crucial question of price. Like most of this type of cloud-based marketing platform, Klaviyo offers tiered pricing.

There is a free plan that limits your number of active profiles to only 250. This may be suitable for very small businesses, and may allow anyone to test the main features of Klaviyo, such as mail flows, autoresponders, etc. anyway. etc.

If you want more features, the first paid plan is advertised at $ 20, limited to 300 contacts, and it includes email and chat customer support that isn’t available with the free version.

When it comes to pricing, Klaviyo proceeds like most other email marketing companies: the monthly price will vary depending on the number of contacts. Klaviyo therefore offers plans and packages that vary according to the contact threshold chosen, whether 20,000 or 150,000. And beyond that, you will be entitled to a personalized rate.

What’s handy is that Klaviyo offers you to estimate your own rate on their website, using a virtual calculator.


Klaviyo is an ideal tool for companies who want to provide a highly detailed and ultra personalized communication flow to their customers. You can easily create emails for every type of customer and product. But Klaviyo is not necessarily a suitable solution for small businesses that have a small assortment of products and a low monthly income. Test it out, and then it’s up to you to see if the investment is worth it.

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