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List of all AI tools 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing technology with applications in a variety of industries, from healthcare to finance. As the use of AI continues to spread, many businesses and individuals are asking the same question: what are all the…

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Canva mood board

Creating Mood Boards Using Canva

Mood Boards on Canva Firstly intended to be a design operation, Canva offers numerous models for creating mood boards. You can choose from hundreds of layouts and indeed produce your own design. This easy-to- use drag-and- drop tool, still, offers…

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YM mood board

Pinterest – Mood Boarding

Pinterest is arguably the world’s most popular and easiest-to- use free mood board tool. It’s also the notorious operation that revealed the conception of mood boards to the general public and which also rose through the species to come one…

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