How to use Netlinking to improve your SEO [Tip]

Netlinking, link building: weaving links to better cling to the web of the WEB

Links are one of the fundamental elements in an SEO natural referencing optimization strategy and netlinking consists precisely of building links in order to make a website much more visible on search engines.

A word on SEO

Before going into the details of the netlinking strategy,

it is important to remember a few important elements from an SEO point of view, as advised by Saurabh .

When it comes to natural referencing, several things come into play.

On search engines like Google, the ranking of websites in search results (pagerank) is influenced by technical factors and the presence of relevant content.

Here are 5 essential things that influence Google’s algorithm in search results:

1 — The relevance of your content

Google and the other engines have the mission to respond to requests from Internet users.

The more relevant your content is to user searches, the more likely engines are to show you in the SERPs.

Search engines must satisfy their users by proposing a coherent ranking that reflects the reality of the market and by offering answers to the ever-increasing number of questions from Internet users.

2- Key words

Keywords are important because Google works with the words people type.

So using the right keywords in your content and in the description of your site can work in your favor.

The advertising network Google ADS (Adwords) also works by charging advertisers to appear favorably when users type words in the search bar.

3 — Domain name authority

The authority of the domain name is in a way its reputation and popularity on the web.

Several things influence the authority of a domain name, its history, its creation date and the links that point to this site.

A site with strong authority in a theme influences search results by referring Internet users to sites that are also relevant.

If, for example, a site has a strong authority on classic cars and appears 1st or 2nd when Internet users type: classic car, it will be very powerful to boost the seo of a site selling parts for classic cars. collections.

4 — Technical performance

A website must display correctly and quickly, have connected links and a coherent internal mesh.

Technical performance is also the ability of the site to correctly fill in the tags (ALT for images for example)

The links should never be dead, so it is necessary to audit your website on a regular basis in order to benefit from a better technical score.

5— Mobile compatibility

Mobile and smartphone surfing is the majority, there are now more people surfing on mobile terminals compared to desktop computers.

An SEO optimized website must be perfectly compatible with mobile devices.

This is one of the most important and defining elements in recent times.

To learn more about natural referencing optimization, you can consult our SEO guide to train you quickly.

The importance of links

Links are gateways to the web that on their own allow users to reach other sites and view new pages on computer browsers.

Links are of crucial importance in an effective netlinking strategy,

There are three main types of links:

➜   Internal links:

Internal links are those that are placed on a site for the purpose of referring visitors to other pages of the site.

Creating internal links gives users better navigation on your website.

➜   External or outgoing links:

External links or outgoing links represent links that direct users to other websites.

By pointing to external websites, you are redirecting users to a page that is not part of your site.

Backlinks/Inbound links

Incoming links are hosted on a site outside the target site and point directly to it.

Backlinks contribute to the reputation of your internal site and the authority of your domain, obtaining quality links consists in receiving visitors from a website with higher authority.

If, for example, a very popular website places a link and directs visitors to your site, you will earn points by being a serious and recommendable site in the eyes of Google.

Why implement a netlinking strategy?

Building a netlinking strategy offers you the advantage of better referencing your website in the engines and therefore of gaining visibility.

Google and the other engines consider that if several sites with strong influence give the address of your site, this one is relevant and of quality for the users.

Relevance and quality content are important SEO levers and effective netlinking techniques determine the positioning of a page on a keyword.

The need to get quality links

Links do not all have the same value and to benefit from added value in terms of SEO, you have to build quality links.

The value of a link is established according to several criteria such as the authority of the domain, the quality of the anchor (the text which supports the link), the relevance and logic of the link between the web page which receives the traffic and the one which send it…

Previously getting a link from a high authority page was beneficial regardless of relevance,

so it was possible to find a partnership in any field and enjoy a cheap SEO boost.

Today Google attaches great importance to relevance and puts its users at the center of priorities, so it is impossible to build a link anywhere and anyhow.

Fishing for links is therefore more complex and requires webmasters to create real partnerships that give value to visitors to the pages in question.

The purchase of link is however proscribed and disapproved by the search engines which place the fraudulent acquisition in the black hat heading.

The technique of buying artificial links is therefore not to be recommended, especially when this placement is obvious and irrelevant for users.

A quality link must also be “do follow” to benefit from an SEO point of view by the Google algorithm.

Link placements and anchors

The placement of the link on the page is important, a well-optimized link must be placed in the line of sight of visitors and in a location of choice.

It must also be surrounded by relevant content and in perfect correspondence with the landing page.

If, for example, your site talks about the theme of boats and you send your visitors to a boat parts or boat rental site, the link is relevant.

Link anchoring is also an important thing, using logical text is understandable when creating links.

Solutions to get backlinks

Incoming links favor your site in search results, a few well-placed links and on high authority sites give guarantees to the search engine.

The evaluation of the popularity of a site includes the number of backlinks and their qualities.

Once this observation has been established, it is legitimate to look for a certain number of solutions in order to obtain more links.

Here are 5 ways to use netlinking to boost the SEO of your site.

1 — Creating high value-added content

The best way to receive traffic from incoming links is to create content with high added value.

Exclusivity in your area of ​​expertise or even article writing is effective,

quality content will be more easily shared and appreciated by users.

Take care of your content so that they are more useful than your competitors and you will get natural links from sites or directly between users through social networks, for example.

2 — Establish partnerships

In your market, you certainly have the possibility of forming partnerships.

If you are an e-commerce site, you probably do not sell all the products there may be a trick to play by referring some of your customers to an external site, exchanging links is sometimes a good way to develop sales and its turnover at the same time

3 — Presence on social networks

Social networks are a particularly good place to share links, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter generate significant traffic and are highlighted in search results, so you will get powerful backlinks.

4 — Favor old pages

In netlinking seo the old pages have more value than the new ones, this is obviously a story of domain authority, but also and above all linked to the fact that Google records the dates of discovery of the pages.

When Google indexes a web page, it records the date of discovery, an old site is more legitimate than a recent site.

If you are looking for partnerships or link exchanges, therefore favor sites with a minimum of history and authority.

5 — Buy ​​links

Although the purchase of link is not put forward by Google and that it penalizes the websites which acquire links to improve their SEO referencing, you can in certain very specific cases have recourse to this technique in zone grey.

Buying a link, especially if it is very relevant to users, can bring more or less significant traffic gain, blatant link purchases will be detected by the search engine, but the most subtle ones can pass.

To be as discreet as possible, avoid using a directory service or buying links on the web, but rather take the time to contact the site in question directly.

Watch for dead links on articles and contact post managers directly to negotiate your dream spot.

6 — Bonus tip: Guest blogging

Guest blogging is the act of writing an article in order to publish it on a site other than yours, the content must bring value to the site and redirect visitors to your site in exchanges using a link. . A kind of exchange of good process between the parties and partner sites.

Conclusion on netlinking

The netlinking strategy has the advantage of propelling your site by optimizing it for ranking in search results.

Several techniques make it possible to do this in netlinking and it is often the quality rather than the number of links and the quantity that makes the difference in SEO.

The popularity of the site or sites with which you can establish relationships will be decisive in the success of all your netlinking campaigns.

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