The importance of the internet in the economy and our daily lives has exploded the demand for web professions and seen the appearance a few years ago of new jobs, such as that of digital project manager.

We can compare the job of digital project manager to that of an orchestra conductor, because his mission is to coordinate and carry out all types of digital and web projects, whether it concerns the creation of sites, web interfaces, databases, mobile applications, etc.

What is a digital project manager?

The job of digital project manager, often abbreviated as CPD, consists of coordinating activities, missions and operations concerning the fields of digital marketing, e-marketing, web marketing, etc.

The digital project manager is a key person, whether in a communication agency or a company, because he supports the realization and the management of all the digital projects of his company. For this reason, he must necessarily have specialized knowledge and skills in the field of management and digital management.

What is the role of a digital project manager?

What is expected above all from a digital project manager is that he can effectively pilot and manage the digital projects entrusted to him, whether it concerns mobile media, web, or even connected objects.

Under the leadership of a marketing director or a technical director, the digital project manager’s role is to lead a team made up of various professions – graphic designers, developers, copywriters, webmasters, etc. – depending on the missions entrusted to it. It is up to him to complete this mission or project, starting from the specifications until delivery and follow-up.

A good digital project manager must also demonstrate above average creative abilities and initiative, as they will be asked to come up with innovative solutions while adopting effective strategies. 

When the digital project manager is assigned to the communication department of his company, he sometimes collaborates with external teams and works closely with a content creation , SEO, service, hosting, or web design provider .

What are the main missions of the digital project manager?

It is obviously the digital project manager who takes charge of the management of the projects entrusted to him. His goal is to manage and lead a production team to achieve concrete results. The digital project manager is also the one who takes care of calls for tenders and specifications. What we ask of a digital project manager is to master the different areas of his job, and for that he must keep himself informed of news and technical developments.

1- Project management and management

Thanks to his talents and capacities in management and management, it is the project manager who sets the framework and establishes the broad lines of the action to be carried out for the entire duration of the project, and he takes care of the main administrative tasks. and managerial, such as meetings, evaluation, monitoring, etc. 

It also happens that the digital project manager has to compose himself the team in charge of a mission. In any case, he must work closely with each member of his team and establish a hierarchical structure if necessary, so that all the tasks are well distributed and that he can be assisted in certain aspects of the management.

The mission of a digital project manager rarely ends at the time of delivery or completion of the project, because he must generally do a follow-up work to ensure the proper functioning of the project and its maintenance, depending objectives and specifications.

2- Manage calls for tenders

Before launching the call for tenders, the digital project manager must complete the selection of service providers. He is responsible for following the call, examining the various proposals, and even ensuring the role of negotiator with interested persons.

3- Be responsible for the specifications

The digital project manager is responsible for the specifications, a document that must be designed, structured and written. For this, the digital project manager must use his rigor, analysis and writing skills / o. In addition, he must take care of the planning of the various stages and interventions by third parties. 

4- Master the technical aspects

The digital project manager must keep abreast of innovations and technical developments in the fields of IT and the web, including strategy and digital marketing. For example, it must take into account the specificities presented by the various digital media and channels, and offer better solutions than the competition, which include real added value.

The digital project manager must also know and master the Big Data environment and a variety of information systems to offer the best possible solutions in terms of performance and cost, while taking into account the digital security of the company.

What skills are required to make a good digital project manager

To land a digital project manager position, it is above all the ability to lead and lead a team that comes into consideration, with equal skills in the technical field. These managerial skills will be essential to pilot and manage a project to completion and to motivate employees. 

As this job primarily concerns the digital sector, the project manager must master all of the following disciplines: web professions, IT, digital marketing and new technologies. It is difficult to be a specialist in all of these areas, but a good digital project manager must at least have some basics in all of them.  

Finally, he must be able to implement the drafting of specifications to successfully conduct his project. This skill can be obtained on the job or by following specific training.

Here is, in four points, an overview of the essential skills to exercise this profession:

  • Ability to lead a team
  • Good communication and contact
  • Mastery of digital tools
  • Mastery of web marketing

Becoming a digital project manager: what training?

To become a digital project manager, it is better to follow a university training in the field of web and IT and it is even preferable today to have a higher education type bac + 5 with digital options. 

It is possible to specialize in digital management after obtaining a license or a master’s degree in several universities in France or in a large school such as INSEEC .

Recruiters also appreciate the profiles of webmasters, web assistants and digital communications manager to fill this type of position.

What salary can you expect as a digital project manager?

The salary of a digital project manager can vary greatly depending on the sector in which he works, the type and structure of the company, not to mention of course his experience or cutting-edge expertise in a specific field. That being said, it is estimated that a digital project manager earns between 35 and 45 k € gross annually, and at least 40 k € gross annually for those with more than 5 years of experience.

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