Is It Too Late To Be A Content Creator In 2021?

A mildly worrying observation made by content creators over the years is how quickly the field becomes saturated. A creator comes up with something new and soon, many people are doing similar things. A new ground-breaking app comes out and soon, there are several similar ones. 

Channels like YouTube seem to stop promoting even big creators, while Instagram algorithms are making organic reach harder than ever. It feels like all big creators got in early.

So you may be wondering if it’s too late to be a content creator in 2021.

There’s a lot of good news! The demand for content continues to rise and more youngsters want to be creators than ever before.

The growing creator economy and booming entrepreneurship mean a lot of new opportunities in written and oral communication, social media, graphic design, and other related fields. The new products and services need people who can make them comprehensible to customers. Also, video content consumption is rising and is set to become a major content channel over the next few years.

Social media is evolving to be sure, but it has become so integral to the 21st century that it’s probably got going anywhere. The recent Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram blackout demonstrated this. There will continue to be a need for content.

But the saturation is a real concern, because certain types of content don’t work as well as before and there is a lot of competition in some domains. The key is, therefore, to stay up to date with trends in the creator economy and your domain. You have to make the right kind of content based on what people want to consume.

Some rules never change:

1.      Consistency
2.      Creativity
3.      Listening and networking
4.      Constant Improvement

In the future, content promotion will be as important as creation. It would be good for creators to learn how to put themselves out there and showcase their best work.

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