Influencer Marketing: 10 Reasons To Include It In Your Strategy

No social media marketing strategy can be complete without influencers. And we can even say today that Social Media influencers have become essential opinion leaders for the digital marketing of companies. Brands of all sizes need high visibility on social media and this is now very possible with the help of a good influencer. The high consumption of content on social networks has further increased the importance of influencer marketing and makes this method of communication and marketing more and more relevant.

Influener marketing

Until a few years ago, brands collaborated with influencers only to increase their sales. While this remains the primary focus, there are several other reasons that influencers can be of great help.

Influencer marketing isn’t just about businesses looking for influencers with lots of followers and a big community. This marketing strategy now has several elements that require special attention. Working with influencers requires a special approach and knowledge to succeed in successful influencer campaigns that display good conversion rates and optimal return on investment.

From choosing the right influencers on social networks to implementing an influencer strategy that delivers results, influencer marketing is an area of ​​its own in digital marketing. In this article, we’re going to give you 10 great reasons to include influencer marketing in your overall marketing strategy, but before that, let’s go over some fundamentals.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who has a strong social media presence and is able to influence people’s buying decisions. Brands call on these influencers to convey their messages to their target audience, improve their visibility on the web and boost their notoriety. Social media influencers typically cater to a specific target audience, which is ideal for brands looking to reach their customers.

Influencers differ from each other based on their number of followers, niche, and style of content presentation.

There are 4 main types of influencers:

– Mega-influencers or macro-influencers

Mega influencers have a number of subscribers that exceeds one million people. These influencers are also often famous themselves on the web and social media and are able to bring your brand to a very large audience. They are generally known for their expertise in the niche they occupy and often have very good engagement rates with their subscribers.

– Micro-influencers

Micro-influencers have between ten thousand and one million subscribers. They may have fewer followers than mega and macro influencers, but when it comes to getting results in many areas of influencer marketing, they’re in high demand. This is because they have a dedicated and very loyal following who are genuinely interested in their content and niche.

– Nano influencers

Nano influencers do not have a large subscriber base (between 1,000 and 10,000), but they can still be very successful because their audience trusts them and they also demonstrate a very high level of support. authenticity.

Influencer marketers are noticing that micro-influencers and nano-influencers are currently becoming more in demand than mega-influencers because their audiences are looking for authentic content and not just promotional. In addition, they are totally appropriate if you are looking for a very specific audience base.

Either way, influencer marketing is tricky to tackle because audience behavior changes quickly. The way influencers work has also changed a lot in recent years, as has the way content is planned and delivered.

Now we’ll find out why your business needs influencers more than ever to make its brand shine on social media.

10 Reasons Your Brand Should Work With Influencers

1-? Influencers know more about your audience than you do

Whether they are influencers on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, they are mainly followed because they know what their audience wants. This gives brands a tremendous advantage in connecting with their consumer base. Influencers are known to create content that speaks to their audience and this is what makes them powerful relays on social media. Brands can leverage this quality to deliver their messages more effectively to their target audience.

2-? Social media influencers can strike up a conversation about your brand or products

An influencer marketing strategy is to strengthen your brand’s presence on social media through influencers. For this to happen, your target audience needs to discover your brand and then start talking about it. Influencers have the ability to start a conversation about your brand through different content strategies, which can be beneficial in many ways.

3-? Influencer marketing can expose you to an unknown audience

It often happens that an influencer marketing campaign goes viral and begins to attract an audience base that is not what you intended to target. Influencers are sometimes followed by a wide variety of people and collaborating with them can help you grow your audience to a greater extent.

4-? Thanks to influencers, you can take the pulse of your audience

Once you’ve implemented an influencer marketing strategy, it’s easier to find out what audiences think about your brand. For example, your marketing team can analyze the reaction of your audience using the “likes”, comments and various reactions received about the content and posts disseminated by your influencer. This analysis will also tell you what type of strategy is working well for your brand and target audience.

5-? Influencer marketing helps strengthen your brand’s credibility

Many brands target millennials and Generation Z, as they are predominantly present on social media. Traditional advertising lacks credibility and authenticity and has difficulty reaching these generations. With the help of influencers, brands can generate a greater sense of credibility as these specific audiences trust what their favorite influencers post on social media.

6-? Influencers can put your brand ahead of the competition

Even on social networks, your main competitors are present and they also set up influencer campaigns. With the help of the best influencers, you can compete with the top competitors in your niche and this can give your brand a huge edge.

7-? Influencers have a big impact on the follow-up of a brand on social networks

Brands that are struggling to gain a foothold on social media can obviously benefit from influencer marketing. Once your brand becomes a topic of discussion on the web thanks to the action of an influencer, it inevitably increases its visibility in all the social media where your brand is active. As a result, it is your number of subscribers that will increase, which means more prospects for your business.

8-? Influencer Marketing Can Help You Define Your Brand Perception

Each company has a unique identity and brand image that influencers can relay to the public. By collaborating intelligently with influencers, businesses can successfully shape the perception of their brand. From targeting a new audience base to connecting your brand with its audience, influencer marketing can do wonders when it comes to communication.

9-? Influencer Marketing Gives You Budget Flexibility

Traditional advertising can be quite expensive and may not provide the desired results. As we mentioned earlier, there are different types of influencers that businesses can choose from based on their niche, the social media platforms they use, and their number of followers. All of this makes influencer marketing all the more flexible. For example, you can always opt for a micro-influencer in case your marketing budget does not allow you to solicit a big name in influencer marketing.

With influencer marketing, you have many options available to promote your brand.

10-? Influencer marketing can create appeal for your brand

Influencers are followed for what they post on their favorite social media. They have the ability to make your brand attractive through their creative and engaging content strategies. With content in the form of regular posts, reviews, stories and videos, your brand will finally receive all the visibility it needs.

Instagram, for example, is an extremely important tool for influencer campaigns. This social network which belongs to Facebook is at the heart of influencer marketing because it has an excellent user base. In addition, Instagram offers a lot of freedom for content creators.

However, your brand doesn’t have to rely on a single social media platform for its influencer marketing campaigns. Instead, make sure you have a combination of multiple platforms frequented by your target audience.

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