Here are the 10 best international SEO agencies

International SEO is a set of techniques and methods that a company wishing to develop internationally must implement in order to improve the visibility of the pages of its website in the search engines of various countries.

International SEO is a set of techniques and methods that a company wishing to develop internationally must implement in order to improve the visibility of the pages of its website in the search engines of various countries.

Developing your business internationally today is a real challenge in itself, and requires a specific SEO strategy , which will vary depending on the target countries.

If Google remains the number one search engine in the world (65% of searches), some countries such as Russia or China have national champions in this area, such as Yandex and Baidu. And then there are also issues related to the language and culture of each country that you will have to take into account, not to mention the technical adjustments that must be made on your website.

So, so as not to miss your international boom, take a look at our top 10 international SEO agencies, just to put the odds in your favor.

1-? Darwin

With more than 15 years of know-how, the digital agency Darwin Agency, based in Aix-en-Provence, has all the skills to help your brand or company to establish itself in a foreign market, thanks to the design and implementation of a marketing and SEO action plan responding to the specificities of the market in question. Darwin’s SEO experts ensure the performance of all of your websites, both on the leading search engine Google and on Yandex and Baidu, the leading search engines in Russia and China.

2-? Agency 90

By entrusting your international SEO strategy to Agence 90, you are sure to be supported by multilingual experts with real knowledge of international markets, because international SEO is in the DNA of Agence 90.

This digital marketing agency based in Paris and Lille will adapt to the main international search engines, and not just Google, in order to establish a coherent digital strategy for your development and expansion, by optimizing your content and developing a strategy adapted netlinking. This includes an SEO audit and the identification of keywords with high potential for your brand internationally.

3-? Rankwell

Rankwell is an international multilingual and bicultural Parisian SEO agency. Its SEO experts can support your business in order to optimize the visibility of your brand on the main search engines. The agency provides SEO, SEA, SMO services for Google, Bing, Baidu, Shenma, Qihoo360, Naver and Yahoo! Japan. Its SEO experts have all the skills to set up a complete natural referencing strategy for your business, from website auditing, through semantic relationship work and analysis of the algorithms of the main search engines.

4-? Primelis

If your brand is present internationally, but your website lacks visibility, then Primelis certainly has the skills to set up a unique positioning strategy for each country that interests you. Thanks to its multilingual SEO experts, Primelis, an agency specializing in search marketing, social & display, supports you in defining and deploying SEO actions for all of your websites and in the language of your clients. The agency can also act as the privileged interlocutor with your foreign service providers, in order to ensure the effective implementation of the chosen strategy.

5-? is an agency specializing in natural referencing established in the Paris region for fifteen years, and which even opened a branch in Miami in 2017.

The experts at will not just translate the content of your website. They will, in your company, set up an international digital strategy, after having examined the objectives of your company.

In addition, offers several training courses relating to digital marketing (SEO, SEA, Google Analytics, etc.) to allow your teams to be trained in the requirements of international e-commerce.

6-? Pixalione

Pixalione is an SEO SEA Analytics agency based in Paris, Lyon and Lille. Certified Google Partner, the Pixalione agency has extensive experience in the field of international natural referencing and will be able to manage in particular the technical dimension of your referencing, for example by carrying out optimizations on the HTML code, the PHP code and the sitemap of your website. To manage your SEO project, you can count on Pixalione’s multilingual experts, who can work on fifteen different languages, and can integrate a new one in less than a month, at the client’s request.

7-? Open Linking

Here is an international SEO agency that will help your business grow its business around the world and occupy the best positions in search engine results. Thanks to Open Linking, specialist in Search Marketing, you will be able to consider expanding your business opportunities abroad by boosting your presence on the main local search engines in the countries you are targeting. The experts from this agency will first identify the most suitable levers, depending on each target country, then coordinate the management of your project with an account manager based in France.

8-? Minoseo

Minoseo is an agency specializing in SEO and inbound marketing capable of creating and implementing an international SEO strategy for your business. Minoseo offers services that aim to improve your reputation with potential international customers and generate more web traffic on your site. After audit work, keyword analysis, and Title & Description tag optimization, Minoseo teams will register your site in relevant directories, with a unique description, then generate links to other corresponding sites, in order to optimize your ranking in the main search engines.

9-? Sedigitalize

For Sedigitaliser, an agency specializing in natural referencing, the SEO optimization of an international website must follow a series of specific steps. It starts with a technical action on your website, so that it adapts to all screens and different digital media. Afterwards, the agency’s SEO specialists work on your content marketing, with multilingual keyword research, competitive analysis, etc. Then comes the implementation of a local netlinking strategy, which is essential to perform in the desired languages ​​and countries.

10-? Seen from the web

If you want to launch your site internationally, the Vu du Web agency, specializing in marketing and digital communication, may be the ideal partner. Its experts know all the issues related to the creation of new channels intended to reach an audience abroad, and can advise you in the implementation of an international SEO strategy.

You can contact them directly and ask for a free quote, in case you feel that your international development project has a good chance of success.

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