Example of a sales pitch: 5 methods and tips

Generating new leads is a complex job for any marketing team, and converting leads into sales is just as difficult. Just look at some of the hurdles that sellers face today:

  • Almost 50% of sellers say that competing with competitors who offer lower prices is one of the biggest challenges in making a deal
  • The average win rate for a salesperson who has had the opportunity to offer a firm proposal or a quote is only 45%
  • The number of sellers meeting their sales quotas has increased from 63% to 53% in the last six years

So how do you go about improving the performance of your sales team and ensuring that they consistently meet their goals?

A big part of the solution lies in the sales pitch, all aspects of which we will unveil with this article.

What is a sales pitch

A sales pitch is a method of connecting sellers with potential buyers. The purpose of a pitch is to grab the buyer’s attention and convince them to know more about the product for sale. Sales pitches can take place anywhere, be sent via email, social media post, or face-to-face with the prospect. A good sales pitch should pique the curiosity of the buyer and convey clear value.

We consider that a good sales pitch should contain the following ingredients: CAB The CAB method is both simple and extremely effective in preparing your sales arguments.

It is based on the following elements:

  • The technical characteristics of your product or service
  • Its main advantages
  • The benefits your customer can enjoy

However, one last element must always come to conclude a good sales argument: it is the “proof”, a phase where you will invite your potential customer to verify for himself the arguments which you described in your presentation and which will go. give you the boost you need to sell.

A good sales pitch should allow your prospect to project himself about the resolution of the problem that led him to meet you. For this reason, the commercial argument that you are going to present to your prospect must be personalized and take into account their situation, their needs and their challenges. It is absolutely necessary to avoid bringing out a standardized and worn-out commercial discourse. Now is not the time to go into detail about all the technical characteristics of your product or service.

Ideally, your future client should realize at the end of your pitch that if your service or product does happen, their business will miss an opportunity and suffer.

You need to focus your pitch on what interests your prospect, whether it’s the reliability of your product, its price, or the results they can expect from it.

Now here is a concrete plan to create a sales pitch suitable for a business meeting.

The sales pitch for a business meeting

This type of meeting usually takes place according to an established pattern that requires a step-by-step process to be effective.

During a sales interview, it is best to follow the following 5 steps:

1-? Making contact

This first step is to plan, organize the meeting (place, time and duration of the meeting, people present, etc.), and create a connection with your prospect to settle practical questions and break the ice.

2-? The discovery phase

This second step is crucial, because it is necessary to verify and validate the relevance of all the elements of your sales pitch. In addition, since the appointment, your prospect’s situation may have changed. It is therefore essential to show listening skills and flexibility to possibly adapt the arguments you are going to present.

3-? The commercial argument

This is the key moment in your sales pitch since this is where you will pitch your pitch. As we said before, show your future client that your solution is best suited to their problem, based on the information discovered and gleaned when making an appointment.

4-? Commercial negotiation

Your sales pitch will of course raise several questions, even objections from your prospect. Don’t panic, this is an opportunity for you, and it shows that they are interested in your pitch. You must skilfully accompany your prospect in his decision-making.

5-? The conclusion of the sale

Once you’ve come to an agreement with your prospect, you need to find a good time to sign the contract, as quickly as possible, but without rushing things.

What to absolutely avoid for your sales pitch

There are sales pitch techniques that you should avoid at all costs. So before sending your sales pitch by email or calling your client for a phone interview, hover over your pitch to check if it contains some of the missteps listed below:

  • Sentences and statements that begin with “I”: Your sales pitch has limited space. Don’t waste it by bringing up your person.
  • Complicated Explanation About Product Features: During the prospecting phase, buyers are not ready to discuss the details of the solution you are offering.
  • Overly familiar phrases and greetings: You should definitely avoid phrases like “How was your weekend?” “. Unless you know the prospect well, this seems out of place.
  • Generic pitches: If you are using a sales pitch that can work for any prospect, that means your pitch is probably not being worked out enough to grab the attention of your potential buyer.
  • Promises You Can’t Keep: It can be tempting to promise buyers the moon, but this approach is bound to disappoint them. Rather be realistic and let the natural qualities of your product and your offering speak for themselves.

Examples of sales pitches for different situations

You might find it easier to write a sales pitch after looking at a few examples.

So here are some pitch ideas for your emails or business talks that you can use as models.

1-? The “elevator” pitch (elevator pitch, which consists of highlighting your project to a client generally located at a high hierarchical level and who has little time to listen to you)

“Our platform can help you analyze your sales calls. You’ll get insights on everything that matters, from the length of the call to the customer’s mood, and automatic reports with areas for improvement highlighted. It even has a digital assistant, which is unique in this market. Would you like to try it? “

First of all, this example pitch is short and nice. It provides a clear and concise description of the problem as well as the solution.

It also includes an open CTA at the end, which can lead to a demo or a phone call to your sales or marketing team.

2-? The sales pitch based on a “true” story

“I’ve always struggled to get honest feedback from my employees. That’s why I created a new system. With our platform, you can send surveys and get anonymous feedback from your team members. It’s a great way to boost morale and learn new ways to improve your business at the same time. I’d love to give you a demonstration. Are you free next week? “

This model takes the angle of presenting a personal story that tells how the solution was born. It places a strong emphasis on the problem / solution dynamic and leads the prospect to consider doing a demonstration.

3-? The sales pitch that calls for statistics

“It is difficult to justify hiring a consultant when you are not sure of the results that you are going to be able to obtain as a result of their work. Our clients have saved an average of 20,000 euros after using our consulting company. We achieve an average return on investment of 45% and currently have the trust of over 500 individual clients. Do you want to know more about how we do it? “

Hard numbers and statistics are a very compelling form of evidence to present to your prospects, so include them if you can.

This pitch vaguely presents the problem, as well as a potential objection from the outset. It then provides both a solution and an offensive response to this objection. It also offers a clever CTA.

4-? The sales pitch based on a customer example

“Business X SARL was a well-known company in the region, but lately they were struggling. Their sales were steadily declining quarter after quarter. That’s why they turned to us. Thanks to the work of our marketing teams, they were able to turn the tide and last year, and we helped them to reach 4 million euros in turnover, compared to 3 million the previous year. We can do the same for you. It all starts with a free consultation. Are you free this week for a phone call? “

As an alternative to statistics, you can present a sample customer testimonial. In this sales pitch, a company describes how a former customer used their services to solve their problems.

Just be sure to get your client’s permission before writing your example and sharing their story.

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