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Pinterest is arguably the world’s most popular and easiest-to- use free mood board tool. It’s also the notorious operation that revealed the conception of mood boards to the general public and which also rose through the species to come one of the most notorious social networks in the world. At Pinterest, there are millions of images available, so you ’re bound to always find exactly what you ’re looking for. Each image, or “ leg” is linked to a website. You can upload, partake, and upload any Pinterest images you want.

By cascading these images or prints to your boards, you can fluently collect the ideas that intrigue you and produce a professional- position mood board, whatever theme you ’re passionate about, because you can find everything on Pinterest.

Different types of Mood Boards on Pinterest

You can easily find different types of mood board on pinterest easily, just by searching and scrolling.

Physical moodboard

Physical mood boards can be a collage of whatever materials you can get your hands on that have a recurring theme.

Digital mood board

When it comes to digital mood boards, the job is a little easier. Sure, it’s not tactile, it can’t hold scents or anything like that. And it’s true that something on the screen can’t be felt quite as physically powerful. But then, if it’s going to be on a website or an app, all it has to do is instill the feel of that digital product.

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