Instagram Reels Ads: Reach a new audience!

On July 22, 2021, the new Instagram Reels Ads advertising format will be officially launched in 80 countries, including France. However, this can be an interesting opportunity for many companies, because it has many strengths. In particular, it will allow you to target users who are not subscribed to your account.

Thus, this video advertising is ideal for increasing the reach of your advertising campaigns and reaching a new audience. Especially since this innovative and entertaining format is perfectly suited if you want to increase the engagement of your target.

To support you in discovering and using Reels Ads, we share with you the essential elements to take into account to achieve your advertising objectives with this new format.

Why should you integrate Instagram into your media mix?

First, it is essential to understand the importance of Instagram in your digital strategy. This social network is both influential and very relevant in the context of digital advertising. 

Instagram’s place in Social Media

The Instagram social network is one of the essentials of any marketing strategy. Indeed, this platform created in 2010 is the third most used after YouTube and Facebook. 

Globally, there are no less than 1.08 billion users while at the national level, this number rises to 21 million active users. In addition, according to a Harris Interactive study, Instagram was used in France by 26% of over 15s in 2019. This percentage rose to 34% in 2020. As a result, the success of the social network is undeniable and even knows strong growth.

A strategic place to target generations Y and Z

In addition, certain categories of users are particularly active on these networks and receptive to the messages that are broadcast there.

Thus, 50% of users from what is called Generation Y (adults born after 1981) and 53% of Generation Z (young people born after the year 2000) said they bought a product or service after seeing an advertisement, notice or promotion on Instagram. 

What is Instagram Reels?

This success among the younger generations is explained by the dynamism and innovation of the platform.

Indeed, last year Instagram introduced Instagram Reels. This is a short video format. Lasting a maximum of fifteen seconds, the Reels allow users to interact in a fun way with their community through entertaining and engaging content. 

They can be embellished with sound or images in a simple and effective way. Then, users and influencers can share them via their Instagram feed or distribute them more widely to the Instagram community through a dedicated space in Explorer.

Instagram Reels has therefore enabled each user to create engaging videos for their followers, but also for all Internet users on the platform. The objective of Instagram is therefore to provide Internet users with new ways of communicating and exchanging on this social network.

Adding Reels Ads to Instagram Advertising Solutions

Soon, companies will in turn be able to use Reels effectively as Reels Ads, the advertising version of Reels, will join the various existing advertising formats as of July 22.

Similar to the classic version, Reels Ads can target all users of the platform. This video format of a maximum duration of thirty seconds will be broadcast in full screen and vertically.

Various locations will welcome these announcements:

  • The Reels tab
  • Stories
  • The Explore section
  • Your news feed

These ads will therefore be visible in all areas most likely to attract the attention of your audience.

The advantages of Reels Ads for your digital campaigns 

First and foremost, the Reels Ads format was designed for mobile devices. It is therefore obvious that the objective is to offer advertisers a powerful solution to target and engage a young and mobile audience.

A natural integration

One of the qualities of this format is that it fits naturally into the user’s flow. We are therefore in the presence of a relevant native advertising solution to reach your audience without being too intrusive. Reels Ads can also be ignored by Internet users at any time during viewing.

Reach a new audience

Then, as we have seen, Reels Ads allows advertisers to reach users who have not yet subscribed to a specific account. For your business, it is therefore an excellent opportunity to broaden your targeting and attract new prospects. This is one of the most advantageous assets of this new format offered by Instagram.

A qualified target

The native nature of Reels Ads makes it very easy for this format to blend in with the flow of various Reels videos. However, users consulting the Reels are generally in a position of discovery, because they are looking for new ideas or new businesses related to their areas of interest. Therefore, the audience you target with Reels Ads is qualified.

A committed target

Finally, this audience ready to discover new things will tend to engage your content. 

Especially since users will be able to interact with Reels Ads via many interactions such as:

  • Watch your Reels Ads
  • Comment them
  • Give them “likes”
  • Save them 
  • Share them

Thus, the creations that you will offer to this new qualified target will have an amplified reach through the significant engagement of this specific audience.

How to set up a Reels Ads campaign?

First of all, note that this format is new. Therefore, for now, Reels Ads should be used with a so-called “ Test and Learn ” approach. They allow you to test a new way of communicating with your audience while improving your asset creation process.

It is also an opportunity to show that your company is attentive to the trends. You can then use Reels Ads to improve your image and do interesting work on your brand. 

Identify precisely your campaign objectives

To begin with, it is necessary to lay a solid foundation for your Paid Social campaign. Whether you use Reels Ads or any other format for your campaigns, the priority is to define your objectives rigorously.

Instagram offers several objectives for your Reels Ads campaigns:

  • The scope
  • Your website traffic
  • The conversion generation
  • Your brand awareness
  • Views on videos
  • App installations

Campaign objectives are varied and of course depend on your particular situation and the current strategy of your digital campaign.

Also, note that Reels Ads can be used in isolation or in conjunction with Instagram Stories.

Create effective Reels Ads

Then, you will have to pay special attention to the creation of visual assets as well as the storytelling of your Reels Ads ads. This is essential because personalized and impactful ads are the key to the success of your campaign with this format.

In addition, we must keep in mind a set of specificities related to this format in particular. Indeed, Reels Ads have been designed for a mobile, dynamic and attractive experience. For this reason, your designs should be designed to be viewed vertically and effort should be made on transitions and visual effects. Finally, add textual elements about your target’s focal point. 

In addition, the sound is activated by default for this type of announcements. It is therefore an essential aspect on which to work to improve the user experience. However, remember to only use music to which you have the rights. 

Deploy an Instagram campaign with Reels Ads

After you’ve defined your goals and created impactful ads, you can start your campaign. In this context, the Reels ads operate on an auction model like all advertising products on Instagram. 

To get started, you need to go to the social network ad manager. Then you need to click Safe + Create . 

You will be able to choose one of the goals we mentioned above such as reach or download a mobile app. You will then have to create your advertisement by entering the usual information such as budget, calendar or audience.

Finally, you will have to choose “Manual placement” and check the “Instagram Reels” box. To complete the creation of your ad, you will need to add a call to action.

Thus, the creation of Reels Ads follows the usual procedure. If you are used to creating campaigns on the Instagram platform, this new format should not cause you any particular problem.

Do not hesitate to test this new format

Reels Ads can quickly integrate your media strategy if you stay in a test logic. By deploying announcements in this new format, you will be able to identify areas for improvement. This will then allow you to optimize your campaign and your ads by iterations.

In any case, we advise you to use this format which has solid advantages. First of all, this native advertising will allow you to reach a qualified and engaged audience in a non-intrusive way. In addition, the format focused on mobile and storytelling is typically the type of ad perfectly suited to new uses of the Web. 

If you wish to be supported in the implementation of these announcements, our team is at your disposal at any time to make you benefit from its expertise in digital campaigns.

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